Getting Started


You can use the opmuse-dev docker image for development.

This will get a copy of the repo from the docker image and mount it inside the container.

$ docker export $(docker run -d inty/opmuse-dev) | tar xf - root/opmuse --strip-components=1
$ cd opmuse
$ docker run -d -p 8080:8080 --name=opmuse-dev -v `pwd`:/root/opmuse inty/opmuse-dev

To get cherrypy’s output do this

$ docker logs -f opmuse-dev

To get a shell

$ docker exec -it opmuse-dev /bin/bash


You need Python 3.5, ffmpeg, ImageMagick, nodejs, npm, yarn, rsync and a Linux environment. This has only been tested on Debian and Exherbo but most other Linux distros should do as well as other similar *nix OSes. If you’re on Windows you’re on your own.


$ git clone
$ cd opmuse
$ virtualenv -p python3 ./virtualenv
$ source virtualenv/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ yarn
$ yarn build:dev
$ cp config/opmuse.dist.ini config/opmuse.ini
$ edit config/opmuse.ini # fix library.path

If you just want to use SQLite.

$ ./console database create

If you want to use MySQL instead of SQLite (MySQL is recommended).

$ pip install -r mysql-requirements.txt
$ edit config/opmuse.ini # fix database.url
$ ./console database create

If you want some additional dev tools and stuff (repoze.profile, colorlog), install ‘em

$ source virtualenv/bin/activate
$ pip install -r dev-requirements.txt
$ ./console cherrypy -- -p # start with repoze.profile (access it at /__profile__)

You probably want fixtures for some default data (an admin account with password admin for one).

$ ./console database fixtures

Then you start the whole debacle with

$ ./console cherrypy


When you do a git pull some of these might be required.

$ merge config/opmuse.dist.ini config/opmuse.ini

$ source virtualenv/bin/activate
$ pip install --upgrade -r requirements.txt
$ pip install --upgrade -r mysql-requirements.txt
$ pip install --upgrade -r dev-requirements.txt
$ yarn
$ yarn build:dev
$ ./console database reset # will initiate rescan, might not be required
$ ./console database update