Setup APT Repo

These docs show you how to setup an APT repo for opmuse with reprepro and build opmuse’s .deb packages. It is done in the inty/opmuse-build docker image here but can of course be done anywhere that has the right stuff.

$ cd /srv/opmuse
$ git pull # or whatever to get the new code
$ source virtualenv/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ deactivate
$ yarn

Optionally set the lastfm key and secret.

$ python3 setopt --command global --option lastfm.key --set-value KEY
$ python3 setopt --command global --option lastfm.secret --set-value SECRET

Start the build

$ ./scripts/ /srv/repo buster --debug


You can test it out like this

$ apt-get update --allow-insecure-repositories
$ apt-get install opmuse --allow-unauthenticated